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by Drewid on Dec 16, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Applications are always welcome, I still get them forwarded straight to my main inbox so I get to them fairly quickly; despite being a large guild the applications don't exactly "pile-up" on here. So I just thought I'd clarify why I continue to moderate the site:

Metalocalypse is an active guild, the players are diverse & as such passionate statements can arise that may conflict with others views, so to avoid that sometimes people walk on eggshells & shy away from the text box to concentrate on the game rather than get swept up in the fury of a debate. To each their own, as long as it doesn't get out of hand (i.e. uncivilized, disruptive to the desired guild-chat function) we wouldn't dare try to silence your voice!

That chat box can also be outright inadequate at times, when you are trying to give a lengthy slice of advice, or when sometimes a topic is too demanding to carry on in public without being washed away in other topics &/or overshadowing players asking for assistance. So the website is just here for any who need/want an outside of game way to communicate should the need arise, for example: if the game experiences another extended period of downtime.

I can't be arsed to censor you, if you make a fool of yourself it'll be on the page for all to see, you can always edit posts if you make a mark you regret, I will just delete any post that goes out of it's way to be inappropriate (porn, illegal discussions, bullying/real-life threats, being a prick).

The forums are free for members-only viewing/use, they just don't get used. But I really only made this site because no-one else had done it yet, I never thought it would last this long; I like Shivtr, I've used it since it was called MMOGuildsites; it serves it's purpose, however basic, without having to waste money on a paid service. I will gladly keep it active if it is ever needed, it's easy to run. Maybe I'll redesign the layout soon, I just grew fond of the way this one looks when I open it in the game browser
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Oh my god, what is thiiiiiiiiis?!
To existing members:
Welcome to the guild forum, please submit your application & it will be approved in less than a week.

A valid e-mail address will be required to activate & manage your Shivtr account (our host domain).

You may use whatever name or pseudonym you wish in your application, as long as your character names are correct when you add them.

We will also require a fresh blood sample.

To the idle passerby
Cower, weep, tremble in awe of our might, or join & help us fight the good fight!

Map of the Guild Hall:

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