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#7164366 Dec 29, 2012 at 10:04 AM
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I've never actually tried this but these tips from the forums sound helpful.

Sinz, please feel free to add your xp you do well xperimenting.


I am 30-30 on visionary use 2-6 every cycle unless countering. When
countering 1,3,4, or 5 go counter-2-6.

If your counter is 2 then stay with 2-6. If your counter is 6 just press 6 then next cycle just press 2.

Make sure when you counter the counter greens before you hit the next number if you hesitate skip extra button pushes. I've made over 100k combines over the years.


The reaction arts can be re-ordered, so calling them by their numbers isn't
guaranteed to communicate what you want.

There are two buttons that add durability: the blue shock and the red P. I
assume those are the two that Death means. Spam those every cycle when they
wont interrupt a counter. If you're ahead of the combine- as in you have a
safe amount of durability remaining and a healthy progress, you can add the
glove in there too for some extra speed. If you're behind, then add the
lotus for more success chance. I'd only ever hit the ruler or the gem to
counter pictures.


I haven't blown a single item up yet and all I do is draconic armor
experiments to visionary.

Now I probaby jinxed myself

Its not easy, was never meant to be and here is what I tell others:

Experiment on handcrafted for a few hours! Always push them x5 and get the
feel of it. If you are having difficulties with the 3rd experiement and
complete it, TAKE A BREAK! Either start first experiement on another item,
or go kill something, whatever, that seems to help me.

I seem to do better on items that are not mine! I get asked to experiment
on items others bring to me, in hopes I can push it further than they dare
to try. With no promise I will succeed, I let them know it could possibly
be a failure, but if I "do good", my customers are very happy and tip me
extremely well.
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