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Drewid / May 16, 2014
Happy 3rd Anniversary to the guild!

Finally had an excuse to start tweaking the theme of the site & getting used to Shivtrs updated editor v2.0, which allows these lovely custom content borders; told you those frames would come in handy someday, finally they'll see some use. The golden pillars were much too large for the side blocks so I actually made a few new pieces & even recycled/edited some stuff from my previous theme.

Everquest Next - Landmark
(still in beta)

Anybody thinking... guild decorators dream tool? Anyway, this is where I spend the majority of my time now, hence the delay in updates.

Figured we haven't had a poll in a few months so I posted one to see if anyone is excited about Sony's new addition to the Everquest franchise.

Shivtr added a timezone & a Twitch function so the modules have been added at the top. The Twitch node should display screenshots & a link when EQII devs stream. Check out these great EQL live-streams as well & possibly win some prizes!

If this page looks funny or frames don't link or images overlap try pressing ctrl+0. This resets your browser page zoom to 100%. Don't try in the game-browser though or you will likely activate one of your abilities!

I got re-acquainted with the Server Status node, also at the top; I took it down a couple of years ago because it would display the server as active even while it was down for maintenance, making it useless; so we'll see if it's been fixed.

Still having issues with the EQ2 community news RSS feed so that block will not work for now; go to the source for EQ2 related news.



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