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We are located in the tier 2 "large guild hall" in North Freeport

If you are unable to enter Freeport due to your alignment/faction, here are some steps for the fastest way to get to the guild hall:

1. While in game: Press the EQ button at the bottom left of the screen
2. Choose "Housing Leaderboards"
3. In the window that appears, find the drop-down box at the bottom labeled "filter" & set it by "guild"
4. Visit any guild members home you find on the list & they should have a door to the guild hall in their residence.

*While you're there, don't forget to rate the house, if you would be so kind!

If additional steps are necessary, here are some homes you can visit directly:

Link: Entrances to guild hall for good aligned players

For those who dare to brave the journey:
Step #1
/way -1331.00, -88.10, 44.10

Step #2
/way 60.77, -20.24, -24.37

Step #3
/way -14.73, -18.80, -261.60